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Dashboard Camera Statistics 2024

Dashboard Camera Statistics: The Dashboard Camera Statistics (DCC) is a small onboard camera that fits in the windscreen of a car, sometimes referred to as a dashboard camera, car DVR, or event data recorder (EDR) (also known as a driving recorder). A small camera for video which is mounted on the windscreen or dashboard of passenger cars and commercial vehicles like trailers and lorries and trailers, is known in the context of “dashboard camera.” A growing number of government initiatives as well as an increasing awareness among the public about the safety of cars are expected to boost market growth.

In the coming years, the market’s growth is likely due to the rising popularity and profit of dashboard cameras across nations such as Russia, France, and Canada. Over the past couple of years, the demand for this product has been driven by the increasing number of vehicle thefts as well as traffic accidents all over the world. Alongside helping prevent accidents caused, and false claims for insurance, dashboard cameras aid in stopping fraud in the insurance industry.

In addition, changes to the regulations regarding the requirement to install dash cams on automobiles in a variety of countries such as those in the United States, the Philippines, and Russia have contributed to boosting the revenue. Insurance policies that are favorable to insurance companies that offer discounts to cars with cameras are also likely to help the expansion of this industry.

“The Global Dashboard Camera Market Size was USD 3.53 Billion in 2021. The Market is expected to reach USD 16.8 Billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 21.8 percent during the Forecast time frame.’


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  • Based on the analysis provided by our research analyst the analysis shared by our research analyst, the Dash Cam Market is expected to expand every year at a CAGR of approximately 12.1 percent (2022-2028).
  • Based on the initial research it was discovered it was established that the Dash Cam Market was valued at about US$ 3541.3 million by 2021. It will likely be around USD 7027.4 million by 2028.
  • Europe was the region with the highest share of the worldwide market for dashcams until the year 2021. This is likely to be due to the increasing use of dash cameras used by Russian drivers to safeguard their cars.
  • With the high rates of accidents and widespread corruption in the police force dangerous driving conditions and a low-cost and easily accessible technology, many people in countries such as Russia have dashboard cameras installed in their cars.
  • Quantitatively, it’s expected that the HD and 4K segments will see the highest CAGR throughout the projection time.

Market Report Summary

The Dashboard Camera Statistics Market size is projected to reach $5.2 billion by 2026. It is expected to grow by 14.9 percent CAGR over the forecast time. Dashboard cameras are becoming more well-liked by drivers across the globe. In a variety of personal and commercial automobiles, they allow drivers to take charge of safety on the road.

It also allows incidents like collisions or vandalism, as well as robbery that can be documented. For insurance claims and liability cameras, footage from dashboard cameras is now accepted. Insurance companies promote the use of dashboard cameras and offer discounts on premiums for insurance to stop fraudulent insurance claims.

(Source: kbvresearch.com)

Several insurance companies offer their customers up to 15 percent discounts on their monthly rates for vehicles that have dashboard cameras. Dashcams are gaining popularity across the world and have risen dramatically. Dashcams’ use is expected to grow over the coming years within the North American region. In January 2017, New York (NY) State proposed a Senate Bill (S438) to offer a five percent reduction in the cost of fees for using a dashcam by owners of non-commercial vehicles.

Police agencies all over the world have utilized DVRs and dashboard cameras on their dashboards. However, based on recent trends, both passenger cars as well as commercial fleets are now installed. The rising number of fraudulent insurance claims and medical payments made through fraudulent accident reports is the primary reason behind the increased need to install dashboard cameras. Many insurance companies are accepting images of dashboard cameras to settle disputes over claims.

Dashboard Camera The Market

This section focuses on the main market trends affecting this Dashboard Camera Statistics Market according to our experts in research:

Dual-channel cameras to see significant growth

  • Multi-lens dashboard cameras represent a lucrative segment to invest in for dashboard camera manufacturers. There is a growing demand for dual-channel dashboard cameras versus single-channel dashboard cameras.
  • The cameras are growing in popularity in the eyes of commercial and private automobile owners. Dual-channel dashcam systems consist of two cameras equipped with high-resolution feed for rear and front video recording.
  • In August 2022 DPPAI introduced the Z50 Dash Cams model in the Z-series which continues to feature the elegant design and preview screen but with upgraded specifications and high performance. This is a Dual 4K Dash Cam. When compared to Z40, Z50 is more capable in terms of image processing and resolution. With sophisticated algorithms for color enhancement as well as Night VIS technology, Z50 produces images with better clarity balanced lighting, and bright colors even in dark conditions.
  • In addition, the introduction of new technology-based applications from firms is fueling the development of the market. For example, Thinkware launched its dual-channel Dash Cam F800 Pro, with improved capabilities over its predecessor, the F800. Dashcams with new features like more efficient power management for hardwired installations, and a new color scheme, but it also has top-of-the-line night-capture capabilities.
  • Due to the rising number of traffic-related deaths all over the world and the increasing number of fatalities due to traffic accidents, the market is likely to grow in a positive direction. Dashcams’ use could be impacted by various privacy concerns including recording people who are involved in accidents without permission and thereby a violation of privacy. In certain countries, like Belgium, Portugal, and Austria privacy laws prohibit recording individuals without consent by using a dashcam.

Technology Insights

The segment of technology that is built on technology, accounted for a major share from 2022. The entry-level segment has been drastically reduced by companies that offer dashcams, which are equipped with basic functions and technology. These cameras are cheap and can be set up in moments.

The majority of customers are happy using the basic functions. Basic technology dashcams are sought-after in emerging regions because of their easy process and affordable cost of production.

The smart technology sector has seen a substantial growth rate of about 12.0 percent during the period between 2023 and 2030. There has been growing awareness about the benefits of cameras for consumers due to the frequent footage of crashes and road accidents that are captured by cameras. The leading companies have begun to offer Wi-Fi-enabled models that allow users to upload videos to their mobile phones via mobile apps. The inclusion of these advanced features, in addition to numerous other driver-assistance capabilities, is expected to boost demand for smart cameras in the next few years.

Landscape of the Competitive Landscape

Manufacturers of Dashboard Cameras are mostly looking to innovate and roll the new models. The major companies that operate on the Dashboard Camera market include ABEO Technology CO., Pitta soft Co. Ltd., Garmin Ltd, Falcon Zero LLC, Cobra Electronics Co., Safe Cams, THINKWARE, Harman, Amcrest Technologies LLC, HP Development Company LP, DOD TechDJI, Panasonic Corporation, DOD Tech, Waykens Unc., Papago Inc., LG Innotek, Koninklijke Philips N.V as well as Honeywell International Inc.

Some of the latest developments of the key suppliers for Dashboard Camera are as follows:

  • In May 2022, THINKWARE launched Q1000 dashboard cameras. They allow viewers to view live-time footage with a high-detail recording mode as well as while parking. It comes with Super Night Vision 3.0 with HDR and can record more vivid videos in dark conditions. It is designed to assist the management of fleets and vehicles for commercial use to monitor vehicles and increase efficiency.
  • The was released in February of 2022. THINKWARE introduced its F790 Dash Camin, its F-series line designed for personal and commercial use. Additional features include de-warping technology and a Quad-Core CPU with 1GHz to ensure optimal video quality, WiFi connections to Android as well as iOS devices, as well as parking mode.
  • The version was released in June of 2021. THINKWARE released its X1000 Dashboard Camera featuring both rear and front recording features of 2K QHD and Super Night Vision 3.0 that allows recording in low light technology and noise reduction. It also allows for 24 days of recording when the engine is turned off.
  • The version was released in June of 2021. Garmin announced a fresh line of voice-controlled dashboard cameras known as Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 47, 57, as well as 67W equipped with automated video storage and live view monitor options. They’re designed so that they are not recognized by the driver’s side and record the events that occurred during the time of the accident.
  • On April 20, 2021, Safe Cams launched its series of Dashcams Y Series. It is comprised of single and dual camera versions and includes a hardware kit as well as an SD card.
  • On October 2019, Pitta Soft together with Mapillary developed a new dash-cam for mapping that utilizes computers and AI. It can capture anything between 1 and 30 frames every second. Its GPS is updated every 15 seconds to take every picture at the exact place. Dash cameras are designed to aid logistic companies in finding locations that meet strict deadlines.
  • In June of this year, Garmin rolled out the Dash Cam 46/56/66W and the Dash Cam Mini. It included ultra-high-resolution video, GPS, embedded voice control, and a wide field view encompassing 140-degree and 180-degree field views. Certain models provide high-quality HD video in 1080p and 1440p quality and HDR.


(Source: econmarketresearch.com)

  • By 2021 the European market was valued at US$ 1.76 billion. People in Russia were the first to utilize dashcams. The idea then was embraced by Germany, the U.K., and Germany. Europe has the majority in terms of market. Data from dashboard cameras are mandatory in Russia due to the fear of drivers who are rude as well as insurance fraud and accidents that weren’t properly analyzed due to lack of the appropriate technology.
  • By 2021 North America had the second-largest market worldwide. This is because security officers across America U.S. are using dashcams to gather more evidence of crime. The majority of people who purchase dashcams are those who are employed by rideshare companies. While they are not mandatory, U.S. lawmakers are striving to make them so. In the time frame, they are predicting, it will lead to more people’s desire to purchase the products available in the market.

COV-19 Impact

Lack of Raw Materials and the components required to manufacture Dashcams which causes production delays and higher manufacturing costs

The global market saw an enormous drop in the beginning since the majority of cameras sold that are sold in Europe as well as North America are imported from Asian manufacturing units. The COVID-19 virus caused a temporary shutdown of manufacturing factories located in China, Taiwan, and Japan and caused a massive shortage of cameras within Western countries. The automotive industry experienced an extreme economic crisis because of the epidemic in the first quarter of 2020, with new orders for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles declining significantly during the initial 2 quarters of the year 2020.

The industry was able to recover more quickly than was anticipated in 2020, and demand for new cars was steady among consumers. However, factories shut down because of pandemics caused shutdowns and the worldwide shortfall of silicon chips caused delays in the manufacturing of Dashboard Camera Statistics. Due to their complex nature chip manufacturers have been not able to meet the sudden growth in demand. This has led automakers to reduce production in the next few years.

Recent Strategies Applied to the Dashboard Camera Market

  • Jan-February 2020: Samsung Electronics unveiled Digital Cockpit 2020 which uses 5G to connect, features both inside and outside of the vehicle, and offers connected experiences for passengers and drivers. Digital Cockpit 2020 includes eight displays in the vehicle and eight cameras.
  • Jan.-February. Garmin International launched the Garmin Dash Cam Tandem, the dual lens dash camera. It provides drivers with full coverage of their surroundings in video. The front-facing camera lens, which is high-definition and 1440p and comes with Garmin Clarity HDR can capture clear footage that highlights vital vehicle information, and the interior lens, which has night vision, incorporates the Garmin-exclusive Night Glo technology that records all interactions between passengers and drivers even in dark.
  • April 2019, 2019: Garmin International introduced the new Dash Cam 46/56/66W and the Dash Cam Mini, the most recent additions to the popular lineup of dashboard cameras. The new line features an ultra-compact design, high-resolution videos, and a large area of vision, GPS, and voice control. Garmin dash cams equipped with GPS include drivers too.
  • February 2019: Panasonic System Solutions unveiled the AS-1 Camera. The camera is compact enough to be able to fit in the rearview mirror of a car and features distinct features that offer remarkable video evidence that is high-quality.
  • Jun 2018: Papago launched the latest Go Safe S810 with a robust two-channel dash cam. The S810 tracks the driver’s actions on the roads and features the same features as the Sony Exmore Sensor.
  • January 2017: Garmin International came into the partnership with Chinese automotive manufacturing company Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen Automobile Limited (DPCA). The collaboration was targeted at expanding Garmin’s smart driving recorder (IDVR) technology. IDVR technology is focused on recording road-related footage with high-quality 1080p/30fps at a resolution of 1080p the most advanced systems for driver aids (ADAS).

Industry Dynamics

Growth Factors

The growing demand from regulators and consumers can disrupt the entire automotive industry through new developments in technology. Therefore, the massive investment by automakers in technological advancements and the growing concern about safety for both the vehicle and the individual is driving the Dashboard Camera Statistics market growth over the next few years. Presently, the government is working to reduce the rate of accidents and theft.

In the wake of these changing requirements dashboard cameras have been an essential, more popular vehicle component because they can lower the incidence of car thefts and accidents. This growing demand from several automotive companies to fit cameras on the dashboard of automobiles. For instance, in the year 2018, Citroen introduced its first vehicle that was sold in South Korea, with some built-in dashboard cameras. It’s generally integrated into the rear-view mirror, and it records video continuously unless the driver turns the setting off.

On the other hand, several insurance companies are helping to fund the growth in the demand for their product by offering discounts on car insurance because it helps reduce the risk of fraud through the detection of the events on video. Additionally, in 2018 more than 114,000 vehicle thefts were recorded within England and Wales which was an increase of more than eight thousand offenses in comparison to the year 2017. As a result, the government in these regions is using strict guidelines to introduce dashboard cameras, which will provide a profitable growth opportunity for the market over the coming years.

The Insight of Product

Based on the product segment, the single channel segment was the one with the highest stake in the dashboard camera market by 2020. The dashboard cameras that are 1-channel are typically referred to as single channels and are mounted on the windshield of the vehicle or dashboard, to display and record the roads ahead and behind the automobile. This is only the view in front of the dashboard camera. In addition, there has been a significant drop in the price per square inch (ASP) that comes with the single-channel dashboard camera which is expected to accelerate the market’s expansion.

The segment that is viewed from the rear is predicted to have the highest CAGR when it comes to revenue. The demand for dashboard rear-view cameras has experienced massive growth due to them allowing the vehicle’s direction to be controlled at a low speed, particularly in parking. Numerous vendors are launching new and cutting-edge rear-view dashboard cameras that provide real-time reverse vision and parking assistance lines. The factors discussed above for the rear-view dashboard camera are expected to increase the market’s growth over the next years.

Dashboard Camera Statistics By Application

The personal vehicle market is expected to see a significant increase in profits globally during the forecast time. There is a significant demand for products for personal vehicles, mainly due to the increasing awareness about the benefits of cameras on dashboards and the significant presence of traditional rules and regulations about road safety all over the world.

Furthermore, the top vendors on the market are adding dashcams with various functions for driver assistance. This has increased demand from automakers, resulting in having a significant market share in 2028. Commercial vehicles are predicted to be the most profitable across the globe because these devices are integral in observing the behavior of drivers, reducing accidents, and decreasing fraudulent claims of accidents.

Additionally, the introduction of double-channel cameras on dashboards within these vehicles is also likely to help fleet managers take a look at the entire image. These factors are all likely to support the growth of the market in the coming years.

The Global Market for Dashboard Cameras is size projections for 2012 to 2025.

(Reference: statista.com)

Based on Grand View Research’s report on market research globally, the Dashboard Camera Statistics marketplace will be 5.94 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. While different research firms rate the market differently they all estimate a market size that is firmly in the millions of dollars.

The market for vehicle cameras

Dashboard cameras are only one part of the camera market in vehicles and a variety of camera cases are becoming more standard features of newer automobiles. Side, internal, rear, and front cameras give drivers more vision to ensure safer merging, better access to parking spaces, and enhanced security. In 2020, it is estimated that the market for automotive sensors could reach the 40-billion mark in U.S. dollars by 2025.

Modern sensor technology

Advanced systems for driver assistance (ADAS) can be a major segment, which is usually found in the overall vehicle camera market. Since self-parking and autonomous driving technologies are becoming more feasible in the development of vehicles as well as the rise of autonomous vehicles cameras are a significant segment of the market. The majority of the world’s top automotive companies that are most innovative in this sector originate from Germany. Not surprisingly, the German company – Bosch dominates the market with more than $46 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.


Dashcam, also known as a dashboard camera is a camera that is mounted on the dashboard of a car and is also referred to as a car video recorder. The principal role of a dashboard camera is the precise and careful recording of every aspect of the road. This camera onboard continuously records the front view of the windshield of a car, and occasionally back as well as other glass. Dashboard cameras are mounted on the vehicle’s windscreen in front and, sometimes, the rear screen.

These Dashboard Camera Statistics show us the need for the camera, where demand for the camera has steadily increased and more people are becoming conscious of its use. The dashboard cameras gained considerable popularity over the last few years because of an increase in vehicle crashes. They are primarily used to help drivers record the incidents occurring in the rear and front sides of the vehicle. They keep them in an internal DVR box within the car.

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