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Best USB-C headphones for Android in 2024

When shopping around for a pair of headphones, almost every choice you get nowadays is completely wireless. With the removal of the headphone jack and the ever-increasing quality of the Bluetooth signal, it’s hard to argue with the convenience of these solutions, so it’s really no surprise that wired headphones were replaced on the bestseller lists by the best Bluetooth headphones.

However, that doesn’t mean that wired headphones are dead. Even though they are much less popular, you can still get yourself various new models, and choosing to go for a wired connection still has many advantages over going wireless, as I’ve lately discovered.


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Unfortunately, there still remains one problem — the headphone jack on phones is almost completely dead nowadays, so even if you spring for a great set of headphones to listen to on the go, it’ll be quite difficult to connect them to your phone. Unless, of course, you go for something a little different and buy USB-C wired headphones. Thanks to the versatility of the USB-C port, its uses are not limited to charging and data transfer.

When there’s no headphone jack around, you can also easily use it as a port to connect your headphones to, making for the easiest way to go back to wired connection to your music. We’ve rounded up the best wired USB-C headphones we’ve found — there aren’t huge numbers of options available, but if you’re not a fan of Bluetooth, these wired buds are perfect for heading back to school or using them on your work commute.

Our top pick: Best USB-C headphones

7HZ Salnotes Zero

7Hz Salnotes Zero

1. Best USB-C headphones overall

Excellent sound doesn’t get cheaper than that

Incredibly cheap and wonderfully built. Simply put, we doubt you’ll find a better pair of USB-C headphones for the money.


  • Incredibly cheap
  • Excellent Hi-Fi sound
  • Superb build quality

  • Bass could be more powerful
  • Design is a little out there

The 7Hz Salnotes Zero are part of the new wave of Chinese Hi-Fi IEMs that are storming the budget end of the market. These earbuds offer exceptional quality for their price point, both in terms of build quality and sound signature. The highs and mids sound excellent, with bass that’s present, but a little bit understated, making for an excellent set of everyday earbuds that do not tire you out with a boomy sound.

This set is one of the few options to come with a USB-C connector, allowing you to plug into any modern Android phone without the need for an adapter.

What’s more, the design of the earbuds is quite eye-catching. They have bright, colorful earbuds with vibrant eartips, and everything is noticeably vivid. I really like it, but I also imagine that if you’re looking for something a little bit more minimalist and understated, you might be a bit hesitant to go for the Salnotes Zero. However, their sound is what should convince you either way.

This set is one of the few options to come with a USB-C connector, allowing you to plug into any modern Android phone without the need for an adapter. They sound wonderful, too, with a wide soundstage, lots of detail and a balanced tonality. Plus, if you have an MP3 player or a device with a headphone jack to plug them into, you can just get another cable with a 3.5mm jack.

Logitech G333

Logitech G333

2. Best USB-C headphones for gamers

For the gaming minimalist

The Logitech G333 are an excellent choice if you want to game on the go, giving you much better sound while getting all the Victory Royales during the bus ride home.


  • Excellent to keep you cool during long gaming sessions
  • Switch between 3.5mm and USB-C connectivity
  • Gaming-focused sound tuning

  • No custom EQ in the software
  • Sound is not very versatile outside gaming

Gaming headphones are necessary not only when sitting in front of your desktop — you want to hear what’s going on around you even when gaming on the train or on the bus.


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The Logitech G33 offer a great, small form factor that will fit well during your commute to school or to work, leeting you squeeze a quick game in style. They are also tiny, so you might also consider getting them for your desktop setup if you don’t like how over-ear gaming headsets tend to get really hot. With an in-line mic and a 3.5mm to USB-C adapter, they are a very versatile choice.

Of course, being tuned for gamers means that the sound is not ideal if you want to listen to some more detailed pieces, but it also gives you a really reasonable image, allowing you to hear where exactly your enemies might be coming from in-game. If the gaming aesthetic is right up your alley, it’s really a great choice.

Skullcandy Set In-Ear USB-C Earbuds

Skullcandy Set In-Ear USB-C Earbuds

3. Best bass-head USB-C headphones

Feel the bass in your bones

A simple, affordable set of USB-C earbuds from the audio masters at Skullcandy. If you’re into bassy music, this might be the best choice for you.


  • Reasonably priced
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • Boomy bass

  • Sound has nothing going for it except the boomy bass

The Skullcandy Set earphones are available with USC-C, Lightning or 3.5mm jacks, which means that they’re a great option, no matter what phone you have. Not only that, but the Skullcandy brand, be it over-ears or the most compact in-ears, are always there to give you what the brand’s best at — a nice, boomy bass.


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This means the Skullcandy Set In-Ear USB-C Earbuds are not for everyone. You shouldn’t expect them to have a balanced sound, or even detailed mids or trebles — you’re getting them for that bass punch, and they’re good at what they do. The specs and features aren’t anything to write home about, but they get the job done for a low price and also benefit from IPX4 water resistance.


Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless

4. Best over-ear USB-C headphones

The king of versatility

$300 $380 Save $80

With Sennheiser’s amazing sound quality, great wireless connection and optional USB-C wire available in the box, the Sennheiser Momentum 4 is a no-brainer if you’re looking for the most versatile headphones available.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Balanced, neutral sound
  • Impressive battery life

  • Touch controls could be less sensitive
  • Design is a bit bland

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless are a bit of a different kind of USB-C headphones than the rest of the list. Usually, wired designs today are basically limited to budget-friendly earbuds. However, there is also a different kind of USB-C headphones — wireless over-ear headphones that allow you to connect them with a USB-C wire as an option, and the Momentum 4 belong to the latter category.

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Such an approach gives you so much more versatility. Not only are these over-ear headphones extremely comfortable, they can also work as your one-stop shop for both wired and wireless listening, eliminating the need to get a different pair for everything. If they run out of battery, you just slap on a cable, and you’re good to go — for much longer.

Not only that, but the sound that they produce is phenomenal — it’s balanced, neutral and spacious, excellent for every type of music. Of course, they are much bigger than your typical USB-C buds, but you at least get a nice carrying case in the box, so you can bring this musical wonder everywhere, along with the included USB-C cable.

Apple EarPods USB-C

Apple USB-C EarPods

5. Best basic USB-C headphones

Apple nails the basics

$19 $20 Save $1

The Apple USB-C EarPods are as basic as they come, but if that’s what you need, the price is appealing. What’s more, the lack of a silicone tip might be an advantage to some people who don’t like the feel of in-ear buds.


  • Very cheap
  • No silicone tip for a different fit
  • Iconic design

  • Extremely basic
  • Mediocre sound

In a surprising turn of events, ever since Apple introduced the USB-C EarPods to accompany the USB-C port in the newest iPhones, they have become the best choice when you’re looking for a basic set of USB-C headphones.

Really, the strength of these earbuds lies in their mediocrity — they work just fine for everything, and for under $20, that’s exactly what you want from a set of wired buds.

There are no unnecessary features here. You get the iconic Apple earbuds design that’s been around for decades now, but now with USB-C. The sound is serviceable, the mic quality is fine but nothing to write home about. Really, the strength of these earbuds lies in their mediocrity — they work just fine for everything, and for under $20, that’s exactly what you want from a set of wired buds.

What’s more, thanks to the in-ear design that doesn’t use a silicone tip to stay inside your ear canal, these headphones might be a great choice for people who do not like the feeling of more traditional in-ears. And if you’re into fashion, wired headphones are coming back once again, with the EarPods leading the charge.

Bottom line: What are the best USB-C headphones?

When taking into consideration the portability, convenience, performance and price, the best USB-C headphones are undoubtedly the 7Hz Salnotes Zero. The Chi-Fi market really shows its power in this segment, offering excellent sound quality, removable cables and a bold design, with an extremely competitive price to top it all off. These are not just great UBS-C headphones — these are simply great headphones that will scratch that audiophile itch on a budget.

7HZ Salnotes Zero

However, if you’re looking for something more versatile and high-end, we’d also recommend the Sennheiser Momentum 4. They might not be wired-only, but with an included USB-C cable in the box for both charging and connecting to audio sources, they fit the bill just fine. You can connect them both with a wire and wirelessly, and they sound amazing either way. They are a bit more on the pricey side, but they’re a well-worth-it investment.

How we chose these USB-C headphones

We take a lot of factors into consideration when we’re putting together a buyer’s guide, including build quality, performance, value for money and consumer feedback. We try to pick the best options that are currently available, and we only include brand-new products. There’s no second-hand or refurbished kit on this list.


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In the case of USB-C headphones, the options are quite limited, so we’ve included the best options that we can find in stock at the moment. There are a few more budget options than usual, as the USB-C segment seems to focus on lower-priced options. However, we’ve also managed to find an interesting option for people looking for something a bit higher-end.

Why you should consider wired USB-C headphones

While wireless Bluetooth headphones are all the rage because of their ease-of-use, portability and convenience, their cabled counterparts still hold some aces up their sleeves. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider USB-C headphones instead of going wireless:

  • You get better sound for less: Wired headphones, generally, give you much better sound for less money. Manufacturers don’t have to worry about all the additional hardware that wired headphones require, such as built-in batteries, DACs, AMPS and other hardware, so they can sell headphones that sound great for a much lower price.
  • You don’t have to worry about a charged battery: Even though going wireless has its advantages when it comes to convenience, it also comes with sacrifices in the same department. With wired headphones you don’t need to worry about your headphones ever running out of battery or finding the place to charge them — if your music source works, your wired headphones also work.
  • They’re just plug and play:The strength of wireless headphones often lies in their software and tricks such as ANC or transparency mode. However, this also means you need a dedicated app to set all that up. With wired headphones, you just plug them into a device that you want to listen to, and you can start blasting your music in a matter of seconds.
  • The mic quality is miles better: Even though wireless headphones have mastered playing sound through Bluetooth, it seems that they’re still struggling with recording it. Wireless microphones are serviceable, but they pale in comparison to even the cheapest, in-line mics on wired headphones. If you often use your headphones to talk on the phone, going wired will get you much better microphone quality.

What are the benefits of USB-C headphones?

The best thing about using USB-C headphones is that you don’t need to charge them, and there are no separate adapters to lose or break, either. If you’re prone to misplacing things, true wireless earbuds can be a bit of a nightmare, and you can end up with one missing earbud, or a useless set with no charging case. That’s not the case with USB-C headphones, everything is kept together in one tethered package, just like in the good old days.

What are the downsides to USB-C headphones?

The biggest disadvantage of USB-C headphones is that they’re just not a popular option, so the selection available is severely limited. If you’re a bit of an audiophile, you’re very unlikely to find a set that meets your expectations. If you’re serious about your music but aren’t ready to go fully wireless, then we’d recommend using traditional wired headphones with either a USB-C audio dongle or a wireless Bluetooth adapter, instead.

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