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Best RPGs for Xbox One in 2024: Top role-playing games

The great thing about a games console that’s been out for as many years as the Xbox One is that it has a huge roster of games to offer up, and in the RPG genre that means a nearly endless choice between a range of epic stories, memorable characters, and interesting systems.


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There have been countless superb RPGs during the life-cycle of the Xbox One and its variants, and while the Series X and Series S are on the scene now to usher in a new generation, that doesn’t change the fact that there are some classics to enjoy on the older hardware. We’ve gathered the very best right here.

Best RPGs on Xbox One: Supreme role-playing games photo 2

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

1. Best Xbox One RPG overall

Stunning world

An amazing world to explore, full of grit and realism.


  • Excellent story
  • Gritty open world
  • Loads to do

  • A bit overwhelming at times

An unbelievable achievement in terms of scope, The Witcher 3 takes a promising series and turns it into an absolute blockbuster, crafting a grim and believable open world for you to explore as Geralt, hunting after his adopted daughter Ciri.

The story it tells is heartfelt and complex, but it’s the amount of detail and the characters that really stick out, with countless to meet and engaging conversations and questlines to be found around every corner. It looks and plays superbly, too.

ELDENRING_04_4K copy.jpg

Elden Ring

2. Best Xbox One RPG for open world

Amazing combat

$40 $60 Save $20

A superb map that’s host to so many frightful, challenging enemies.


  • Stunning map
  • Amazing combat
  • So rewarding

Taking the intricate, challenging combat of its many games so far and moving them into a truly open world for the first time, FromSoftware has created a modern masterpiece in the form of Elden Ring, a game that should be savoured by everyone who likes a challenge.

It’s got a gorgeous map to explore full of small details and amazing locations, with frightful enemies hiding in every corner and bush, and will take a long while to master if even one of the many playstyles it offers.

Best RPGs on Xbox One: Supreme role-playing games photo 3

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

3. Best Xbox One RPG for writing

Total freedom

Rarely does a game give you as much freedom to approach things how you fancy as Disco Elysium.


  • Amazing writing
  • Painterly visuals
  • Sheer freedom

For those who want true role-playing freedom, Disco Elysium is the answer. It’s nominally a detective game in which you’re charged with figuring out a crime, but depending on how you go about your work it can be so much more.

If you like well-written, genuinely complex dialogue that touches on philosophy and economics more than a little, you’ll be right at home here, and we hope that more people keep discovering this masterpiece over time.

Best RPGs on Xbox One: Supreme role-playing games photo 7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

5. Best Xbox One fantasy RPG

True classic

A classic for a reason, there’s no better time to try Skyrim.


  • Well-realised world
  • Great quests
  • Memorable locations

A game that doesn’t need discovering is the indomitable Skyrim, still a chart-topper after a decade out in the wild, and still just as compelling on Xbox One as it was on the 360. You’ll play as the Dragonborn, with a weighty responsibility on your shoulders, and explore a huge province.

How you’ll go about that more precisely is up to you, whether you fancy becoming a mage, prefer using axes or think that the inevitable stealth archer build is the one for you this time around. Nothing else hits the spot quite like a bit of Elder Scrolls.

Best RPGs on Xbox One: Supreme role-playing games photo 10

Dark Souls III

5. Best difficult Xbox One RPG

A challenge

A superb challenge that also manages to summon an impressively deep tone of its own.


  • Super-rewarding
  • Impressive graphically
  • Great sound

If Skryim is welcoming and populist, Dark Souls III is harsh and unforgiving in equal measure, but rewarding to such extremes that it nonetheless should wow you. In the third mainline Souls game (or fourth, depending on who you ask), you’ll once again journey through a scarred land fighting fearsome monsters.

With some of the most extreme bosses in the series and a difficulty level that rarely drops below the near-impossible, every bit of progress you make feels like a victory, and every bonfire you reach turns into a true oasis.

diablo 4 review

Diablo 4

6. Best Xbox One RPG for customisation

So many options

A huge RPG that lets you control every aspect of how your character fights hordes of demons and enemies, making for a truly customisable experience.


  • Endless content
  • Classes are fun to experiment with
  • Looks great

Diablo 4 might feel like a next-gen experience but it’s also great on Xbox One, albeit with visual restrictions compared to the Series X and S. This is a smooth and carefully-built game that leads you through a dark and twisting story before unleashing the scale of its end-game content.

You can choose from multiple classes, all of which feel incredibly different to play, making for endless combinations of powers, abilities and loot, to build the perfect character for your playstyle.

Best RPGs on Xbox One: Supreme role-playing games photo 4

Dragon Quest Inquisition

7. Best Xbox One RPG for scale

Epic size

With a raft of great locations to explore with companions, this is a really excellent epic RPG.


  • Great locations
  • Loads of quests
  • A cast of deep characters

Dragon Age shook off the small scale of its second game and opened its world up for Inquisition, offering the player huge hubs to explore and nearly countless quests to complete. While some of these are a little lacklustre, the core storyline is excellent.

You play in Inquisitor tasked with uniting the realm of Thedas under threat from a greater power, and the sense of politics and stakes is managed nicely. You’ll see a great variety of interesting sights, and visit them with some of BioWare’s best-ever companions.

Best RPGs on Xbox One: Supreme role-playing games photo 11

Final Fantasy XV

8. Best Xbox One RPG for characters

Cinematic story

$19 $30 Save $11

A great story told through cinematic cut-scenes, with excellent exploration and combat.


  • Great style
  • Heartfelt story
  • Fun combat

  • The world sometimes feels empty

Telling a soaring story of love and loss, Final Fantasy came screeching into the modern era in its fifteenth mainline entry, with gorgeous visuals and a road-trip vibe that really gelled with players. It’s got a huge scope and there’s loads to see, but the quiet moments are arguably its best.

Still, things do kick up a gear at times and the battle system is as close to real-time as the series has got, arguably, with loads of action and very little downtime. It’s a great place to start even if you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game.

Best RPGs on Xbox One: Supreme role-playing games photo 6

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

9. Best Xbox One RPG for exploration

Simply huge

$25 $40 Save $15

A huge open world is offered up by the biggest Assassin’s Creed game yet.


  • Massive world
  • Looks great
  • Fun story

A simply huge game, Valhalla takes Assassin’s Creed even further into RPG territory than Odyssey, the previous game, did. You’ll play the fierce Viking Eivor on a journey through medieval Britain, rampaging and raiding your way to a new home.

It’s a mammoth task, with huge areas to conquer through loads of quests, but most of these are rewarding and entertaining, and the combat is as fun as ever with a little less aggressive scaling than Odyssey featured.

Best RPGs on Xbox One: Supreme role-playing games photo 12

Monster Hunter World

10. Best Xbox One RPG for crafting

Big-game hunting

$16 $18 Save $2

There are so many monsters to hunt in this game that you’ll hardly know where to start.


  • Great monster variety
  • Lovely visuals
  • Simplified systems

  • Still a steep learning curve

Huge though it is in Japan, the Monster Hunter series was one that many players found challenging to get started with – until World arrived. It simplified some of the complex excesses and made the visuals simply splendid to incentivise new gamers.

What a success it’s been, too, with millions of players and loads of quests to pursue and new equipment to craft at every turn. The way it dishes out new encounters and areas is really smart, and it’s also great fun to play online with friends.

The bottom line: Which RPG is the best for Xbox One?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt really shines with its breathtaking open world, deep storytelling, and a wealth of engaging content. Its intricate story and vast, meticulously designed world mark it as a standout in the RPG genre. As Geralt of Rivia, players dive into a vivid, realistic world on a journey brimming with unforgettable characters and adventures. The game’s depth and attention to detail in character development and world-building elevate it above others as the top RPG experience on the Xbox One.

How did we choose these Xbox One RPGs?

I picked these Xbox One RPGs based on my own experiences playing them, alongside their widespread praise and the positive reactions from the gaming community. Each game was chosen for its standout features—be it innovative gameplay, captivating stories, rich exploration, or immersive world-building. From personal adventures through their vast worlds to the countless hours spent unraveling their stories, these selections reflect a broad range of RPG styles and themes, ensuring there’s something special for every type of player on the Xbox One.


Best For

Key Features

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Overall RPG Experience

Stunning world, excellent story, gritty open world, loads to do

Elden Ring

Open World

Stunning map, amazing combat, rewarding, constantly difficult

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut


Amazing writing, painterly visuals, sheer freedom, quite wordy

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fantasy RPG

Well-realised world, great quests, memorable locations, iffy combat

Dark Souls III


Super-rewarding, impressive graphically, great sound, supremely difficult

Diablo 4


Endless content, classes are fun to experiment with, looks great, 30FPS cap

Dragon Age: Inquisition


Great locations, loads of quests, a cast of deep characters, too many filler quests

Final Fantasy XV


Great style, heartfelt story, fun combat, the world sometimes feels empty

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla


Massive world, looks great, fun story, too much to do

Monster Hunter World


Great monster variety, lovely visuals, simplified systems, still a steep learning curve

How to pick your next RPG for Xbox One

There are a few main factors you might want to consider if you’re trying to work out what RPG to play on your Xbox One next – try thinking about these questions.

Are you in search of a story?

Some games on our list are hugely story-focused, but others like Monster Hunter World are a little more freeform and leave you to your own devices a bit more. If this is something that attracts you, pay attention to that urge, but if you want a story that you can really engage with, make sure to check out what people are saying about your own shortlist of options.

Is action important?

Some RPGs have turn-based systems for combat, others let you take total real-time control, and some have little or no combat at all – think about whether you care particularly about which your choice of game will offer. If you know you like fast-paced battles or brutal action, then make sure to read game reviews to double-check that’s what you’ll get.

Are visuals key?

Another variable between RPGs is their visual style – some games are top-down isometric affairs, while many use a third-person camera to let you move around more freely. That’s probably our preferred style, but different looks can suit different games, so just double-check that you know what to expect.

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