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Best Roku TV in 2024

A quality television remains the focal point of a comprehensive entertainment set-up, as a communal space to watch the big game, latest blockbuster, or stream live events. Browsing for content while cozied up on the couch has never been simpler with todays streaming sticks and smart TVs, and among the best of these streaming devices is Roku.

While the company offers its own collection of sticks and boxes to compete with the best of them, Roku entered into the television market back in 2023 with their own line of Roku-enabled TVs. We’ll break down the models Roku offers and what each smart TV brings to the table and look at how to pick the best Roku TV for your needs.

Roku TV’s: A complete guide

Roku Plus Series

1. Best Roku TV overall

Roku’s top of the line, but not for long

Rokus first in-house flagship model. QLED and 4K HDR make for a striking viewing experience at a reasonable price.


  • Supports Dolby Atmos audio and Dolby Vision
  • Top notch color accuracy in both standard and HDR viewing
  • Supports 4.1 wireless surround sound with Roku audio

  • Mediocre brightness for its price point
  • Peaks at 60hz refresh rate

Roku’s inaugural TV line comes out of the gate with some gusto, boldly taking on the highly competitive television market. Its new hardware lineup features the Roku Select Series HD, the Roku Select Series, and the Roku Plus Series. Each successive model brings more to the table in terms of features and performance, and each carries quite the reasonable price tag for what you get.

This offering from Roku should be more than enough for a family movie night, or more visually focused console games.

The Roku Plus Series TV offers the highest performance among them, striving for quality viewing without breaking the bank. Featuring 4K resolution with a QLED panel, support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10+, and full array local dimming, the Plus Series is currently the most advanced entry in the new Roku lineup, for now. This model also supports Dolby Atmos sound, and Bluetooth headphone support.

Users can get the most out of that Dolby Atmos sound by taking advantage of the Plus Series native 4.1 wireless surround sound support. While it’s 60hz refresh rate might not be ideal for FPS-centric gaming, this offering from Roku should be more than enough for a family movie night, or more visually focused console games.


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This model is offered in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes and comes with a rechargeable Roku remote billed as “Roku Voice Remote Pro.” Users can control the smart TV with voice commands and simply plug in the remote when needed to recharge instead of dealing with replacing the batteries.

Roku Select Series 4K TV

Roku Select Series 4K Smart TV

2. Best budget-friendly 4K Roku TV

Sharp image in an affordable package

The Roku Select Series 4K Smart TV represents Roku’s most budget friendly 4K television. It provides a sharp image without many bells and whistles.


  • Supports HDR10+
  • Local dimming

  • No support for Dolby Vision, Atmos, etc.
  • Only supports 60hz refresh rates

At the current mid-level, you’ll find the Roku Select Series 4K Smart TV. This 4K smart TV with Roku’s native OS offers support for HDR10+ and comes in a wider variety of sizes than the more expensive Plus series. The Roku Select Series 4K represents Roku’s most affordable 4K TV, and seems aimed at providing the best image without breaking the bank on additional features.

This model lacks the support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and only supports a 2.1 audio setup, which means no surround sound support. The goal here is to be budget friendly while still offering a 4K image. Buyers will also notice that this TV ships with a standard Roku remote.

While it still offers voice command features, it will need to have its batteries replaced if they die as it is not rechargeable. Like the Plus series, the Select series only offers up to a 60hz refresh rate.

Roku Select Series HD TV

Roku Select TV

3. Best entry level HD smart TV

A budget friendly option straight from Roku

Roku’s self-branded budget friendly TV offers HD or FHD resolution across three sizes. This is a bare-bones entry level smart TV running on Roku OS.


  • Great bang for your buck
  • Wireless 2.1 digital audio
  • Sizes are great for smaller spaces

  • Backlit only, no local dimming

The Roku Select Series is Roku’s entry level and most budget friendly pick. The Select series is their lowest priced entry and is only offered in a 24-inch, 32-inch model at 720p, and a 40-inch model at 1080p. Whether it’s for a secondary area, a dorm room, or an office, the Roku Select Series HD gets the job done without emptying your bank account.

While it would be unfair to compare this pick against higher-priced rivals, there is plenty to love in this budget-friendly offering. This model still features Roku’s voice enabled remote, their best-in-class OS, and support for wireless 2.1 digital audio.

The bottom line: Which is the best Roku TV?

Invariably, we find the Plus Series to be the strongest current offering from Roku. Its support for Dolby Atmos, 4.1 wireless surround, and rechargeable remote, all place it well in line with other smart TVs in its price range. Paired with a bright and clear 4K picture, the Plus Series is a strong option to bring a fairly priced television into your home with the added advantage of native Roku support. While the Roku branded TVs are in their early days, the company seems determined to compete in a crowded market and offer the best features and performance possible within their line-ups’ respective price ranges.

Roku Plus Series 4K QLED TV

Roku Plus Series

Editor’s Choice

Fair price, high performance

Why should I buy a Roku TV?

Of the myriad OS options out there for hosting your library of streaming apps in one place, Roku is easily the most user-friendly. The company has really streamlined the process of bringing every sport’s app, streamer, video app, and browser in one convenient and easy to understand interface. Roku TVs all sit firmly in the entry level to mid-range world of smart TVs. If you’re already looking at sub $1,000 TV options, then consider getting one with Roku built in from any of these strong choices.

Why should I buy a Roku OS TV over a Roku streaming stick or box?

While it’s true that you can simply buy a Roku streaming stick and be up and running in minutes on any television with an HDMI port, there is something to be said for the complete integration of the OS into the TV. For starters, you’ll be working off only one remote, so no fumbling around with which remote turns on and controls what. Additionally, if you’re the neat and tidy type, you won’t miss the Roku box sitting on your TV console or furniture and one more cable running behind the TV.

If you’re already shopping in the sub $1,000 range for a TV, then it’s likely more cost-effective to buy one of these Roku OS models rather than buying a different one at the same price and then having to buy the Roku device separately.

What’s coming next from Roku?

In the winter of 2024, Roku announced it would be adding a Pro Series TV to their lineup of in-house smart TVs. This new higher-end model, set to launch in the Spring of 2024, will feature 4K resolution QLED panels with mini-LED technology. These new TV’s will be thinner than the Plus Series, capable of lying flat against the wall, will offer more immersive cinematic sound, and is promised to launch with a new hands-free voice-controlled remote. Suffice to say the new Pro Series will sit at the top of the lineup and will hit the market at a higher price than the current Plus Series models.

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