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Best Kindle cases in 2024

Turn your Kindle eReader into more of a closed book with these stylish and functional cases.

Amazon Kindles are some of the most popular eReaders on the market. They give you access to tons of books that you can carry with you in a delightful form factor. They aren’t terribly expensive either. The 11th generation base Kindle retails for just $100, which nets you backlighting, 16GB of storage, and an E-ink display that is easy on the eyes.


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So, if you pick one up, why not protect your investment properly? There are a variety of cases on the market for the 11th-generation Kindle, although you will likely have to surf through Kindle Paperwhite cases as well, since they are similarly named. We sorted through that sticky problem to bring you the appropriate sized cases for the Kindle base model, 11th-gen, for various uses and styles.

  • Ayotu Case for 11th generation Kindle

    Ayotu Case For Kindle

    Best Kindle case overall

    The Ayotu Case is as good as it gets. It supports the Kindle’s open-to-wake feature, comes in over a dozen colors, and has a satisfying fabric-like feel. It’s a folio-style case, which is common for Kindle eReaders. The case will also hold itself closed with the Kindle’s magnets, so it won’t open on you accidentally. It’s a solid all-around case.

  • Amazon Kindle Case 11th Generation

    Amazon Kindle Case (11th Generation)

    Best Kindle case from Amazon

    This is the best Amazon-made case for the 11th-generation Kindle. It comes in four colors, including blue, green, pink, and black. It’s made of fabric-style case, with a soft texture. It’s water-resistant, but not waterproof. It supports Kindle’s open-to-wake functionality and attaches to the front via magnets to hold it closed when not in use.

  • CoBak Clear Case for 11th Generation Kindle

    CoBak Clear Case for 11th Generation Kindle

    Best clear Kindle case

    The CoBak Clear Case is a great choice for a clear case. It’s not a folio case, so it doesn’t support the auto-wake functionality of other cases. However, it doesn’t add a lot of bulk, yet still provides good protection to the Kindle. It comes in several patterns and colors, but they’re all at least partially clear if that’s the look you want.

  • Fintie Stand Case for 11th Generation Kindle

    Fintie Stand Case For Kindle (11th Gen)

    Best Kindle case with a kickstand

    The Fintie Stand Case is an excellent choice. The case features nice PU leather and supports the Kindle’s auto-wake functionality like most folio cases as well. What makes the Fintie stand out is its additional features. It comes with a kickstand along with a hand strap and a card slot in case you want to store a card with your Kindle.

  • MoKo Case for 11th Generation Kindle

    MoKo Case for Kindle (11th Gen)

    Best Kindle case with a hand strap

    The MoKo Case is a sleek option that actually fits several base Kindle models. According to MoKo, it’ll work for every base Kindle from 2016 on. The case uses PU leather for a soft touch exterior fitted with a hand strap for one-handed use. Your color options include plain black and two patterns. It also supports Kindle’s auto-wake functionality.

  • RSAquar Case for 11th Gen Kindle

    RSAquar Case for 11th Generation Kindle

    Best Kindle case for features

    The RSAquar Case not only comes with a kickstand but also a hand strap, and a slot to hold a debit card or ID. RSAquar uses PU leather for a soft exterior feel and a fabric lining inside to prevent scratches to your Kindle. It also comes in four patterns, including blue, black, Starry Night, and a nice teal flower theme.

  • Oberon Design Kindle E-Reader Case

    Oberon Design Kindle E-Reader Cover

    Best real leather Kindle case

    Oberon Design makes one of the few Kindle cases with real leather. While pricey, the cases support things like the Kindle’s auto-wake functionality and use straps to hold the Kindle in place. Each case comes with a metal clasp for some extra class. There are dozens of designs to choose from, which can be personalized, and they all look good.

  • Walnew Stand Case for 11th Gen Kindle

    Walnew Stand Case for 11th Gen Kindle

    Best design and features Kindle case

    The Walnew Stand Case offers a nice overall experience. It comes with a kickstand and a hand strap like several of its competitors but manages to stand out thanks to its two-tone design and unique fabric pattern. It’s just as protective as any other fabric folio case, but we think it looks cool. There are seven two-tone color options to pick from.

The best 11th Generation Kindle cases: Which one is right for you?

While there are a bunch of options for Kindle cases, the vast majority of them are folio cases. It’s just a matter of what kind of case you want and what you plan to do with your Kindle. Ayotu and Amazon make great, basic folio cases that still interact with the Kindle via its auto-wake function, and they don’t add a ton of bulk. Fintie, MoKo, Walnew, and RSAquar make bulkier cases with more features like kickstands and hand straps.

If you want to avoid the folio case entirely, CoBak makes a competent clear case that fits on the Kindle like a smartphone case. Those looking for something extra fancy can also check out the Oberon Designs cases, which are made from real leather and can fit multiple types of Kindles.

Should I buy a case for my Kindle?

It depends on what you plan to do with it. Some folks only use their Kindles at home and, for those people, it’s likely okay to skip the case since they aren’t taking it anywhere. However, folks who bring their Kindles on vacations or for travel should absolutely have some sort of protection, so the Kindle doesn’t get damaged during transit.

With that said, most of the above cases don’t add all that much bulk, and a little extra protection is never a bad idea. We think a case is a good idea for your Kindle, especially the folio cases, since they have the added benefit of protecting the screen while it’s not in use from things like dust, spillage, or getting scratched in your bag.



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Can I use a case from my prior Kindle?

Maybe. All Kindles are different sizes, so the type of case where you snap the Kindle into it will only work with the Kindle it’s designed for. However, some cases, like the Oberon Designs case, employ straps or pockets to hold a Kindle. In those instances, it is possible to re-use an old case, although you may want to check with the case manufacturer to see if that’s doable.


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