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4 features I want to see from the AirPods Max 2

Key Takeaways

  • AirPods Max 2 should include a power off button for better user control and longer battery life.
  • A 3.5mm jack would allow wired listening and the ability to use the headphones without battery life.
  • Improved microphone quality and compatibility with Android devices would enhance the overall experience.

It’s no secret that still, over 3 years after its initial release, Apple’s AirPods Max are still one of the best noise-canceling headphones on the market. Apple’s flagship over-ear headphones have overall great sound quality and high aesthetic appeal.


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However, there are some things the headphones lack that I hope Apple’s rumored AirPods Max 2 include. Apple’s AirPods Max 2 is rumored to be released around mid-2024 or early 2025. Of course, a lower price than the AirPods Max’s current $600 price tag would be ideal, but if I can’t have that, here are 4 other features I want to see from the AirPods Max 2.

Apple has yet to confirm a release date for the AirPods Max 2, but there is speculation around a mid-2024 or early 2025 release.

1 A ‘power off’ button

Or an added Digital Crown function

AirPods Max 169 (1)

One of my biggest gripes with the AirPods Max is the inability to turn the headphones off. There’s nothing more frustrating than listening to your music out loud just for your device to randomly connect with the headphones via BlueTooth. Currently, the headphones have a low power mode that turns on when it’s paused or stored away in the magnetic case, but there’s no way to completely shut off the headphones. Not only will including a power button on the headphones help users definitively connect and disconnect with the headphones, but it will also help save battery life.

2 A 3.5 mm jack for easier listening

AirPods made for air travel

AirPods Max 169 (5)

Prior to owning Apple’s AirPods Max, my go-to over-ear headphones were the Bose Noise-Canceling 700. I only wore my Bose while flying, so I could listen to the in-flight entertainment systems with high quality headphones as opposed to the cheap ones handed out on the flight.

I should’ve done more research prior to purchasing because I was disappointed to find out there was no 3.5 mm jack and auxiliary cable that can be used to connect the headphones to non-Bluetooth compatible devices. Having a wired listening capability would also allow users to continue to use the headphones when the headphones no longer have any battery life. As of now, users can purchase the Lightning to 3.5 mm audio cable, but using the cable still requires the headphones to have battery life.

3 Better mic quality

Especially for Android devices

Christina working in AirPods Max

Although the sound quality of the headphones tends to be all around great, the microphone quality doesn’t stay consistent when connected to non-Apple devices. Obviously, it makes sense that Apple devices are more equipped for AirPods Max, but Android users shouldn’t have to miss out on features unique to iOS.



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The microphone quality on the AirPods Max in general is, at best, average. And the less -than-ideal quality is even more noticeable when connected with an Android device. Hopefully, in Apple’s next iteration of the AirPods Max, there will be better compatibility with the headphones and Android devices.

4 USB-C port

Next Apple device to ditch the lightning cable

AirPods Max lightning port close-up

With the inclusion of a USB-C port on both Apple’s iPhone 15 and updated AirPods Pro, a USB-C port included in the AirPods Max 2 would come as no surprise. A USB-C port will enhance the user experience by improving the charging speed and transmitting data at a faster rate.


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The current AirPods Max includes Apple’s proprietary lighting port, but a USB-C charging/audio port will most likely replace the lighting port, making the headphones more up to date with Apple’s competitors.

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